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Why 2 photographers?
We do not compromise on quality and believe that the best result can be achieved if both of us are present on your wedding day. That way we'll have the opportunity to photograph from two different angles. Furthermore two photographers are bigger assurance for you that all important moments are captured.

Murphy: ok, but what if your camera is down?
We both bring backup equipment to every wedding so two photographers, four cameras, four speedlights etc... are the assurance for you that the images are surely captured. We pay high attention on archiving the images right after your wedding so your pictures are secured.

Can we post the images on Facebook?
Of course you can post the finished photos on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platform. In fact, we'd be proud if you mention us beside the pictures. However, in order to give us a chance to capture every moment from the best angle and reduce unnecessary disturbance, we recommend to advise your guests not to take pictures neither with mobile phones nor with camera. After all, that’s our job (and our passion ;-)), we promise to take excellent care of that and encourage everyone else to just relax and enjoy this special occasion with you real-time.

When can we get the retouched images?
We'll send you some images already the next day (if we finish before 10 pm, then still the same night) so that yo can share them on Facebook, Instagram or on other social media platforms. We would be proud if you mention our name beside the images. You will then receive the entire wedding photo material and the photobook within 2-3 weeks. We would like to deliver the images even sooner but this time is absolutely necessary for quality post production and to order the photobook.

Do you always give photobook?
Yes, always. During the past years we've experienced that the couples more seldom look back the digital images while they more often show the photobook to their relatives and friends. Additionally, we think that the images come alive in the photobook. We would like to convey this experience to you therefore we've decided to include at least 1 photobook in every package. 

What happens after we booked the date?
After we agreed in the date and aligned the details of your wedding day (we prefer to meet you personally), we follow up our agreement with a written contract. We think it is the interest of both parties.

Do you deliver the raw images?
No, we don't. Our photos will be finalized and get our unique style during the post production that you also expect from us. Think about it: giving you the raw images would be like serving you the raw ingredients in a restaurant, instead of the delicious degustation menu that you ordered. Let us work our magic and deliver you your wonderful wedding portfolio "ready-baked”, tied with a ribbon.

I can't see travelling cost and other costs in your packages. Are those costs included?
After we've aligned the details with you, we will prepare our offer tailored to your needs. We'll list up all costs involved so you get to know what you need to pay and what you get for your money. No hidden surprises.
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